christmas recap: hot cocoa social

Christmas week was just as I hoped it would be. I spent tons of time with my little family. We (Chris, mostly) did a few projects around the house, raked leaves, and had a party. In years past, we have delivered plates of treats to our neighbors and friends around Christmas time, but this year we decided to host a “Merry Christmas Hot Cocoa Social” instead. We invited our friends (who we knew were in town) to join us Christmas Eve afternoon. I love having a full house – and trust me, the house was full!

I kept things pretty low key. The hot cocoa & hot cranberry drinks were made from my great aunt recipes and I served them out of crock pots.

We also served chocolate crinkle cookies, banana bread, cranberry bread with walnuts, and hot chocolate mix-ins (candy canes, marshmallows, choco chips, whipped cream).

We will definitely do this again next year!

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