tutorial tuesday: embroidery hoop ornament

Due to my “Christmas Brain” I totally forgot to post this awesome embroidery hoop ornament tutorial yesterday! So here it is on Wednesday instead. Chris has been home all week so I’ve been baking, playing at the park, raking leaves, reading Christmas stories, doing some last minute shopping and just hanging out with the fam instead of blogging (can you blame me?!)

This project  is perfect to do with the kiddos or to give to friends or as a stocking stuffer or maybe just to log away in your projects folder for next year.

Thank you Katie, for sharing this project with us! Sorry for the late post.


Homemade Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Start with your materials.
You need:
Small embroidery hoop
Scrap of linen fabric (muslin will do just fine!)
Xerox of a Christmas image that could fit inside your embroidery hoop (I chose the nativity, but you could do a Santa silhouette or something else.  Keep in mind that the image will be flipped so if you are using words make them backwards in photoshop.)
Chartpak blender pen
Bone folder
Hot glue gun
2 Jingle bells

Flip your xerox image face down on your fabric.  Working in batches, use the blender pen to draw over the back of your image.  Before the space dries, use your bone folder to burnish (or rub) the image on to your fabric.

Peel off the paper and you should have your image.  It may appear light, but that gives it kind of a vintage appearance.

Next, place the inside you your hoop over your image.  Cut about an inch around the edge.

Take the fabric and put it on top of the inside ring.  Place the outside ring over it.  Make sure your image is centered.

Flip your hoop over and begin glueing and tucking your fabric around the center hoop.

Next thread your ribbon through the top of your embroidery hoop and thread on some Jingle Bells as well.  Those are optional of course!

Next tie a simple bow and glue it on the ribbon loop.

And now you have a homemade ornament!


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