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One activity from our advent calendar this year was to play Christmas Bingo with a few friends. Well, that’s what we did Saturday and it was lots of fun. So much fun that I didn’t even take photos. Why does that always happen? Oh well. I’m sharing my Christmas Bingo boards with you. To download the Bingo boards, click HERE. It’s a 10-page pdf with 10 different Bingo boards. I filled one of my apothecary jars with prizes from the dollar store and had some snacks to munch on. We will definitely be adding this to our holiday traditions.

Another great thing I made last week was inspired by my Auntie who is an amazing baker. I made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes. Cooled them in the fridge. Dug out a tablespoon of cake from the bottom. Filled the hole with freshly whipped cream. Stuffed the cake bottom back on. Drizzled a chocolate ganache over the top. YUM! Don’t worry. I’ll be posting a tutorial on this one soon.

Also, we decorated graham cracker houses a few days ago. Two things that worked really well: we separated the candy into muffin tins so the kiddos could see what their choices were and to construct the houses I dipped the graham edges in melted sugar. Worked like a charm.

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