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I finally solved my advent calendar dilemma! Hooray! And I’m feeling especially awesome because I didn’t spend one single penny. I managed to only use stuff I already had. So, I’m sharing a little how-to for this one because it’s super easy and I bet you have enough stuff at your house to do it to. If you already have your advent calendar (it is the 7th after all…) there are tons of things you could use these jars for.

You could fill with candy and give to a friend, neighbor, or teacher.
Or you could use them to hold cutlery at a holiday dinner party.
Or you could put candy canes in them and leave it on the counter.
Or you could put flowers in it for the centerpiece.
Or anything, really.

Ok. Here we go.


Bottles. I know you have some! I had tons. I save them so I can take them to be recycled. Good intention. So far, I’ve used the bottles for tons of stuff and not one has been recycled. Yet…


Fabric scraps. I know you have some of these too! I pulled out my red and green ones.


I cut out strips from the fabric and then hot glued them to the bottles. I didn’t plan out which scraps to use – I just went for it. You could make it less random.


Next, I added the numbers to the front of each jar. The paper I wanted to use didn’t fit in my printer, so I used my Chartpak blender marker to transfer the toner to the craft paper (that’s why the numbers are printed backwards). My circle punches are 1 3/4″ and 1″. I hot glued each number to a jar.


Ta-da! That’s it. I wrote the advent activity on strips of paper and put one inside each jar.

Email me if you have any questions and I’d love to see yours if you make some.

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