our 2009 christmas cards

I love Christmas cards. I love making them. I love receiving them in the mail. I love looking at the photos. I love reading the letters. I love everything about them.

When I opened the box with our Christmas cards the other day, I started giggling. They are just what I was hoping for! I was inspired [...]

tutorial tuesday: embroidery hoop ornament

Due to my “Christmas Brain” I totally forgot to post this awesome embroidery hoop ornament tutorial yesterday! So here it is on Wednesday instead. Chris has been home all week so I’ve been baking, playing at the park, raking leaves, reading Christmas stories, doing some last minute shopping and just hanging out with the fam instead [...]

favorite christmas story

We love stories around here. Especially Christmas stories. When I was in high school, my parents discovered Red Ranger Came Calling by Berekley Breathed and I have been in love ever since. The story of the Red Ranger of Mars is unforgettable. The illustrations are entertaining. I love it. Now you can love it too.

What are [...]

tutorial tuesday: christmas memory

Make this little memory game to play with your kiddos as part of your advent calendar this week. Or you could make a set to share with a friend. Or give as a gift to a neighbor.

+ 2 copies of the Christmas Memory pdf download
+ 2 pieces of craft paper
+ an old (or new) manilla folder
+ [...]

freebie & other good things

One activity from our advent calendar this year was to play Christmas Bingo with a few friends. Well, that’s what we did Saturday and it was lots of fun. So much fun that I didn’t even take photos. Why does that always happen? Oh well. I’m sharing my Christmas Bingo boards with you. To download the [...]

weekend to do

Big list this weekend.

+ Clean up. Everything.
+ Make the Bingo cards.
+ Post the Bingo cards as a freebie.
+ Practice the piano accompaniment for the special musicalĀ  number on Sunday.
+ Organize my church bag.
+ Deliver the custom book that’s ready.
+ Make sure I win something at the auction over at Bloom.
+ Order our Christmas cards.
+ Dust.
+ Finish [...]

things on my mind

Just a few things I think you should know…

…One of my journals is included in an Etsy treasury until Friday. Check it out!

…An online auction starts tomorrow over at Bloom to benefit Benson and Claire Skinner. Take a minute to read Benson and Claire’s story on their blog. All the proceeds will go directly to the [...]

more photo gift tags

As promised, I have new photo gift tag designs in the [...]

tutorial tuesday: cake

Today’s tutorial comes from my super talented friend Ruth. She can do everything: quilting, baking, mom-ing, homemaking, and even wardrobe consulting (she takes me shopping). Owning her own bakery is a dream of hers, so I thought I better get in on her cake secrets now before she has to guard them for the business’ sake [...]

christmas advent calendar

I finally solved my advent calendar dilemma! Hooray! And I’m feeling especially awesome because I didn’t spend one single penny. I managed to only use stuff I already had. So, I’m sharing a little how-to for this one because it’s super easy and I bet you have enough stuff at your house to do it to. [...]

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