tutorial tuesday: autumn centerpieces


I love Tuesdays! My sister-in-law, Katie, is back (hooray!) to teach us how to make autumn centerpieces. Perfect timing right? Enjoy!


Here are a few ways to make fall centerpieces out of things you can find in your yard.

All you need to get started is fall leaves, twine, glass vases, and candles.  I used dried leaves because I live in the desert and there isn’t an autumn tree for miles!!  But you can use fresh.


Next, tie some twine around your glass vase.  Tie is tight enough to stay up, but not too tight.


Then cut individual leaves off your branch.  Or if you picked up your leaves from the ground, skip this step!


Next insert leaves in between the glass and the twine.  You can alternate their directions. Continue this step until you have gone all the way around.


Now it is time to put in your candle.


You can also use other things you find around your yard to make festive fall centerpieces.  You can put gumballs in a vase with a candle.  Acorns also work wonderfully as well.  Have fun being festive!!


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