tutorial tuesday: rainbow cake


Do you know Meg? Or her blog? Or have you seen her house? Meg and I have never met in real life but I’m pretty sure that if we were given the chance, we would be good friends. Today she is sharing her rainbow cake secrets with us. You can see the original post here on her blog. Originally, she made this for the last day of school, but I think rainbow cake is always a good idea so I thought I’d share it now. Meg has all kinds of great ideas and all of her photos are beautiful. Make sure you take a minute to be inspired! Thanks, Meg!


to ease my guilt of how honestly UNhappy i was that it was the last day of school…
i made a cake to help them celebrate.
i had seen versions of the rainbow cake and decided “today’s the day!” to make my own.
it’s not too difficult.
but it does take some time.
i just used TWO white cake mixes.
following the instructions on the box.
then i divided it up into 6 bowls evenly which turned out to be 1.5 cups in each bowl.
i had all these Wilton Icing colors already…from all the other birthday cakes i have done in the past.
(find them at walmart, hobby lobby, micheals in the cake decorator isle but not the CAKE MIX isle)
also you could use the gel colors in the cake mix isle…i think it’s the same thing.

the drop kind of food coloring will NOT work for these bright colors…your rainbow would be pastels.

and if you only have five eggs…you can call your neighbor for one more.
even if you JUST went to the store to buy the cake mix ten minutes before.
add a teaspoon of color into each bowl and stir.
it’s so easy a four year old can do it.
i used 9″ round cake pans.
make sure you grease them well with shortening or baking spray.
this is a crucial step in making fancy cakes that i think some skimp and then you are screwed stuck.
my cakes were done in 12 minutes.
flip them out on to cooling racks and let them sit till they are completely cool.
it is pure happiness to make.
even the dishes are happy.
just keep baking & don’t think about the kids will be home for three whole months in two more hours…
i made the cool whip frosting i have shared before to frost this.
when you make a layer cake you have to cut your cakes to make them flat….but you knew that.
i don’t have a picture though.
you take a big knife (or even a tool that is made just for flattening cakes)
and you cut off the round part of the top of the cake that rises in the oven.
you can let your kids or husband eat that so they leave you alone while you frost the cake.
(you stay away from that turkey…you’ll get worms!….name that movie)
then you layer it up…rainbow style.
spread frosting in between each layer.
then around the whole thing.
(do you know the trick about putting a skim layer of frosting first to seal in all the crumbs…
stick it in the refridgerator to harden…
then another coat after that of thick frosting?  yes, you did?  ok…sorry)
i didn’t show the other kids so when we cut it they were so surprised.
the lighting makes my purple layer look weird.
but it was purple…i promise.
we had lots of other kids here playing and it was a hit.
i heard sean say “do you want some cake?  my mom made it for the end of school!”
cake can solve the world’s problems.
[image credits meg duerksen]
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