sneak peek: golden leaf photography

Another Book Bound Bindery Open House surprise for you: Golden Leaf Photography.

Go check out their website. Make sure you browse through the gallery. I really love this one. Amazing, right?! I know. Darren Jones is the man behind the camera at Golden Leaf Photography. He takes great photos, can work wonders in Photoshop, and most importantly [...]

happy haunting

Wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend.

Our plans include (in the order they come to mind):

+Seeing Mary Poppins downtown
+Trunk or Treating at the church
+Finishing the sprinkler system
+Finding the perfect rugs for our new bathroom
+Eating spooky treats
+Delivering spooky treats to some friends
+Dressing up like a dragon and a bumble bee
+Carving pumpkins
+Finishing 3 furniture projects that are currently [...]

sneak peek: gift card holders

I am so excited about this new product! If you are anything like me, you love to give handmade gifts (especially at Christmas-time!). But it seems like every year something comes up and I end up giving at least one gift card. I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little bit lame for [...]

Book Bound Bindery Open House

It’s time.

date: Thursday, November 5th

time: 7-9pm, Open House

location: my house (email me if you need directions)

Bring a friend. Come and browse through my journals, notebooks, printable stationery sets, book plates and gift card holders. I have room for a handful more custom orders that can be ready in time for the holidays. This is your chance [...]

tutorial tuesday: write in your journal

Jessie is back! Hooray! A couple weeks ago she gave us some tips on choosing a journal and today she’s picking up right where she left off. Now that you have a journal, you should write in it. Thanks for the pointers, Jess.


first, let’s clear the air. sometimes the thought of writing in a [...]

sneak peek: blank notebooks

The Book Bound Bindery Open House is just around the corner (Thursday, November 5th). I have a handful of new products that will be available that night at the open house and in my Etsy shop the days after.

One of the new products I’ve designed is this little blank notebook. Each notebook is hand stitched with [...]


I’m finally starting to feel spooky around here. It has cooled off a little and I’ve hung a few Halloween decorations. I even made my little guy’s bumble bee costume so we are ready for Halloween! My favorite part of Halloween is the food (surprise, heh). Last year we ate taco soup with salty bones (bread [...]

tutorial tuesday: rainbow cake

Do you know Meg? Or her blog? Or have you seen her house? Meg and I have never met in real life but I’m pretty sure that if we were given the chance, we would be good friends. Today she is sharing her rainbow cake secrets with us. You can see the original post here on [...]


Surprise #1

Our shower has been leaking into the garage attic. We like to do our own home projects (most of the time) but I’m so glad we hired this one out. I was hoping the mess would be cleaned up and gone by Friday, but seeing as that’s tomorrow and there is still tile to install… [...]

keeping a journal: where to start

It’s Tuesday again already?  Guest posting our tutorial today is my sister, Jessie. [Writing this is really intimidating because she is my editor - she rewrites everything I write so it actually makes sense. But this time she's not.] She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her family (also around the corner from my brother and [...]

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