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{Hooray for Tutorial Tuesdays! And hooray for guest tutorials!  Put your hands together and welcome my incredibly talented and delightful sister in law, Katie. She’s resourceful and clever and the nicest person on the planet. You can enjoy more of Katie over at her blog. Today, she’s going to teach us how to make burlap mats for photo frames. (Have you seen these in person? Very neat.) Katie’s project costs less than $5!}


The other day I was in Pottery Barn and I saw a really neat frame that of course was out of my budget.  Being the resourceful girl that I am, I decided that I could make it.  And so can you!

What you need:
Cut 1

A chrome frame with a mat (I found mine at Marshall’s on clearance for $3)
Fabric Scissors
Spray Adhesive
Burlap fabric wide enough to fit your mat

Take the mat out of the frame and lay it down on your burlap. Cut Around your mat leaving 1/2 inch border all the way around.
Cut 1

Next, cut a 1/2 inch border around the inside of the mat.

Cut 2
Lay the burlap on plenty of newspaper (the glue gets everywhere!!)  Spray the adhesive lightly over the burlap.

Glue 1

Next, center the mat face down on the burlap piece.  Cut the corners out of the burlap.
Cut 3

Cut diagonal slits in the middle of the mat.
Cut 4

Fold the edges over and press firmly.
Fold 1

finished 1
finished 2

Easy Peasy!  And it cost about $3.80.  Take that, Pottery Barn!

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