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Welcome to my very first Tutorial Tuesday! First up is a simple accordion book tutorial. No need for an accordion book, you say? Well, think again! Accordion books  are a great, inexpensive way to display photos, or you can use them as greeting cards, or send them away to a friend with a letter, or give them as gifts, or anything else you can think of (I know you are creative).

Now on to the tutorial.



paper or bookcloth for the outside cover
paper for the inside
davey board (mat board or any other kind of board)
pva glue (elmer’s glue will work)
xacto knife
self healing mat
bone folder or old credit card

STEP 1: Decide on the dimensions of your accordion book and prepare the inside paper.


This tutorial is for a 4 inch by 4 inch accordion book with 6 pages. Cut your inside paper (mine is brown) to 4″ by 24″. My brown paper was not 24″ long, so I decided to piece it together using double sided tape.


Using  your bone folder (or credit card) and ruler, score every 4″. Fold along each score accordion style.

STEP 2: Prepare the front and back covers.


Using a paper cutter or xacto knife and ruler, cut your davey board down to 4″ squares – one for the front cover and one for the back.

Then cut the paper you want to be your covers (mine is polka dots) down to 5″ squares.

STEP 3: Make the covers.


Start with the front cover. Squeeze out some glue onto the davey board. Spread it out evenly with your paintbrush. Flip it over and center it on the wrong side of the paper for your cover. Smooth out any air bubbles.


Cut off the corners of the paper at an angle, making sure to leave about 3mm between the point of the board and the edge of the paper.


Next, spread glue on one of the sides of paper. Fold over and press.

mitorcornerUsing your bone folder, smush down the extra paper against the board. (I’m doing all these steps on top of scratch paper to protect my desk from getting glue all over.) Do the same thing to the opposite side.


Then glue down the 2 remaining sides. Prepare the back cover in exactly the same way.

STEP 4: Glue the inside paper to the covers.


Spread glue on the wrong side of the front cover. Line up the inside paper with the cover and press. Smooth out air bubbles.


Then spread glue on the back cover. With the front cover face down on your desk, fold up all the inside paper so that it’s flat. Attach the back cover to the last page of the inside paper. Press down and smooth out air bubbles. Admire what a good job you did! You made a book!

STEP 5: Press and personalize.


With your accordion book all folded up, put it under a bunch of books or under your mattress overnight while it dries. This will help it dry flat. Once it’s dry you can put it to good use. Add photos and put it on a dresser, write a letter inside and mail it to your mom, write some happy birthday wishes and tie it up with a ribbon instead of giving store bought cards, or think of something else to use it for.

Quick. Easy. And so satisfying.

But just in case you need an accordion book RIGHT NOW and can’t wait 10 minutes to make your own, you can buy the one I made for the tutorial in my shop.

Happy Bookmaking!

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