pocket pamphlet giveaway

It’s a giveaway! I have a set of 3 pocket pamphlets to giveaway to one lucky random winner.

The rules for entering:

*Leave a comment saying what you will use one of the pocket pamphlets for before Sunday, October 4. The winner will be announced here Monday morning, October 5.
*You can enter the drawing twice if you are [...]

pamphlet stitch tutorial

Ready for a new project? This tutorial is for a 4″ by 6″ pocket pamphlet with four pages.

Named ‘pocket’ because it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, not because it has pockets.

Named pamphlet because it is bound with the pamphlet stitch. The pamphlet stitch is good for sewing a few pages together – [...]

the pocket pamphlet

I’m always digging up new ways to keep a journal. A while back I started making these small notebooks out of left over scraps from my big projects. My kiddos love them – they are the perfect size for their laps which is good for our car trips, church services, and quiet time. I always keep [...]

wedding guest book

Like I mentioned before, this guest book is in my top favorites.

Can you blame me?

Check out those endsheets. And the aqua silk covers. And the well thought out details with the song lyrics and engagement photos.

Working with Alison to design this guest book was such a treat. Thank you Alison! [...]

travel journal tutorial

I have a 5 step program for you that will make you fall in love with journaling. If you already keep a journal, try this anyway. If you don’t keep a journal, this is a great place to start. I started keeping little travel journals in college so you can imagine the pile of little books [...]

blinds open

I have to have the blinds open. All. The. Time. I love sunshine pouring in my windows. I also love Saturdays because the view from my studio window often looks like this – husband and kids playing and working in the backyard. Recently, Chris hung another bird feeder in the magnolia tree. Now the cardinal family [...]

birthday tutu

Our little neighbor friend turned 4 and we decided to make her a tutu. I should have done a tutorial for this one because it’s super easy (no sewing!) but I didn’t. However, I did stumble upon Design Mom’s tutu tutorial from a while back and it is very similar to what I did. Or you [...]

wedding guest book sneak peek

I love making books. Especially when I know the person who owns the book loves it as much as I do. That’s one reason working for Alison was such a joy! I just shipped her guest book to her this afternoon so I’m only posting a few photos now – I don’t want to spoil her [...]

burlap mat tutorial

{Hooray for Tutorial Tuesdays! And hooray for guest tutorials!  Put your hands together and welcome my incredibly talented and delightful sister in law, Katie. She’s resourceful and clever and the nicest person on the planet. You can enjoy more of Katie over at her blog. Today, she’s going to teach us how to make burlap mats [...]


“Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.”
Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Sigh. Why are Mondays so hard?

I could make a long list of all the things I’m

worried about,

working on,

losing sleep over.

But I won’t.

There are too many good things to focus on. So I’ll go give that a try.

ps – I have [...]

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