pioneer party

We celebrated Pioneer Day with a party (even though we do not live in Utah). And it was really fun. Crafts. Games. Snacks.

The night before I assembled everything: craft stuff in a big bowl, snack stuff in a crate, silverware in a flower pot (not as good of an idea as I thought it would be [...]

front cover! (sort of)

It’s official. I’m #18.

My June issue of Our Wedding just arrived in the mail and I’m thrilled to be idea #18 of 50 ways to personalize your wedding. So if you are in the Sacramento area, go pick up your free copy or order one online. Thank you, Our Wedding, for including me!

Or you can head [...]

projects and sunshine

Today I:

-started a project with Bananagrams
-took the boys to two fabric stores in less than one hour
-am ready to start sewing the pillows for the green couches
-have eaten more chocolate cookies than anything else
-am re-stuffing the photo frames on the mantle with fresh ones
-am determined to finish the identity package for Gold Leaf Photography
-got a surprise [...]

animal baby shower

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am so excited to have a new nephew on his way to earth. It is great cause for celebrating. So, our family decided to celebrate together over a delicious dinner in mom’s fabulous yellow dining room. My sister, mom and I all worked together to make this meal from scratch. So [...]

brownie burgers

Happy Fourth of July (a little late, I know)! My mother-in-law made these brownie burger cupcakes. Bakerella is always up to something tasty. It was a lot of work but a huge hit with my boys (kiddos and husband!). Really cute idea. I especially love the American Flag cupcake toppers. Good work, Karen!

As for me, I’d [...]

quilted bibs for baby

The bottom line is that most bibs are ugly. And too small for toddlers. And say silly things on them. And are ugly.

So I tried out making my own. Except they are not for my family but my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting their first baby! Hooray!

I traced a bib I have to [...]

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